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Congratulation Kingdery Lighitng pass ISO9001-2000 International quality system certification


Date:2008-7-4 15:56:39 Kind of:Company News Read 13992 Times

Kingdery Lighting  Co, Ltd. pass successfully through ISO9001-2000 International quality system certification at 20th of Jan., after effort and kinds of tests within more than one year, It is a sign that our quality management system is very near with the globe.

On Oct. 2005, Kingdery Lighting have decided to work ISO9001-2000 quality management system, for the sake of improve productivity and market competition, take quality certificate as our company's keystone.

In the ready certificating procedure, Kingdery Lighting had organized staff to train and study IS O9001-2000 teached by experts. Kingdery's administration had set up our company's files of quality management system in the help of expert, and put forward this quality guideline, ie, working with religious attitude, paying more attention to detail, going on improve, supplying satisfied product for customers. That inspected eligibility reaches above 98% one time, customers'big complain is zero and 100% satisfied customer HSF requirement are Kingdery's quality aim.

Kingdery Lighting has roundly builded and revised interior management system carried into execution ISO9001-2000, and reached fine good operation. definite Kingdery Lighting's every department work orderly in more than one year trial run with quality management system, between department's work is very definite, Save inunnecessary thing, and improve work efficiency, our workers do strictly standard request after studying program file, and apply flexibly in theirs work, they gets benefit from it. 

The quality management system's foundation and run, we trust, is very useful to help us improve quality management level and have a good enterprise face and credit standing in market competition, which have important meaning for long-term development. Gotten the certification is enterprise's confidence and credit standing¡¯s embodiment, perfect company ourselves, and a starting to supply best service for customers.


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