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Do you know the history of light (lamp) - the combination of technology and poetry?
Addtime: 2022-04-24

IngoMaurer is a German designer born in 1931. Design magazines big and small seem to have to mention this "Poet of Light". There is no doubt that IngoMaurer is a designer who has devoted his heart and wisdom to light (lamps) in this world.

Up to now, IngoMaurer has designed more than 120 different types of lamps and lighting installations, and the world has countless exhibition sites, public spaces, architectural facilities, and the wonderful atmosphere of private premises is created by IngoMaurer. IngoMaurer's spontaneous exposure to light (lamps) comes from his fascination with lamps, which he describes as "perfect union of technology and poetry" (the harmonious combination of technology and poetry). In 1966 IngoMaurer benefited from Pop Art's design of one of his works: a table lamp with a giant light bulb, completing its tribute to Edison, the inventor of the electric light. For more than 30 years since then, IngoMaurer has been creating for the poetic pursuit of light - the beauty of simplicity.

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In 1992, Lucellino fell into the world with poetic angel wings - also IngoMaurer's acclaimed and best-selling work. The "poets" working in Munich are neither minimalists nor designers who stick to those design theories. Only the pursuit of "infinite variety" is what IngoMaure's works are meant to calmly expound. For him, design is nothing but an interesting science that draws inspiration from everyday life. The creation of each piece of work can be said to be a chance encounter with inspiration again and again. IngoMaurer captures them (inspiration) with his quiet acumen, and then uses his poetic temperament to show all the beauty to the shining pair. eyes. And IngoMaure's research, experimentation and innovation on the material of light is the premise of its creation of poetic works. Ingo has been thinking about using "paper" to shape the shape of light since he was a school printer when he was a student.

Lampampe in 1980 and Zettel'z in 1997 were created from paper. The use of fabrics and the creation of sculptural visual effects are another major feature of Ingo's design. And IngoMaure is still at the forefront of technology and is a "pioneer poet".

LED (Light Emitting Diode) technology was just emerging, and IngoMaure immediately applied it to the design of LaBellissimaBrutta (1997), allowing the new technology to emit poetic light. Subsequent works ohoodoo (1999), Stardust (2000) and El.E.Dee (2001) all continued the poetic design aesthetics of IngoMaure's experimental style and technological pioneer.

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