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About Us
About Us

Zhongshan Yuhao Lighting Co., Ltd. was formally established in 1998. Its brands include Kingdery (international) and Jindal Lighting (domestic). Kingdery has been specialized in exporting to European and American high-end markets for 18 years. International Lighting Fair has accumulated many high-quality customers deeply rooted. The company is committed to the value concept of craftsmanship and original design, and provides high-quality services to global consumers with high-quality fashion, simplicity, atmosphere and strong artistic flavor. Home lighting products.

Product design comes from—Italy DOS design office

DOS design is located in the industrial hinterland of Venice, a famous water city in Italy. It was founded by Italian architects Giorgio Signorotto and Giulio Signorotto. In the field of architecture and design for more than 30 years, Design Office Signorotto has always been adhering to the original architectural concept and culture, through rich design practical experience, and constantly seeking new ideas in the interaction between people, products and space life. Possibility. The courage to break through design concepts and outdated thinking uses a broad vision to design and think about each product, and never stop exploring the uniqueness and eternity of each product from different angles in real life.

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