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How to choose living room lamps
Addtime: 2021-11-30


How to choose the living room lighting? Good living room lighting can enhance the atmosphere of the whole home environment. Next, let's learn about it with the staff of Kingdery lighting brand.

1. Choose according to the size of the living room

We need to choose the lighting according to the size of the living room. Usually, for a living room of 1 to 15 square meters, it is recommended to choose a lamp of 500*500*110 specification. If the living room area is 16 to 30 square meters, it is recommended to choose a lamp of about 640*960*110 specification.

2. Choose the type of lamps

At present, the lamps on the market are mainly divided into conventional lamps and LED lamps. Conventional lamps use fluorescent light sources, while LED lamps use LED light sources, and LEDs are more power-efficient, but LED lamps are more expensive in terms of price.

3. Choose lamps according to the home decoration style

We can also choose suitable lamps according to the interior decoration style. You can choose fancy lamps or crystal chandeliers for European style, and simple ceiling lamps for modern-style indoor spaces.

The above is the relevant introduction of how to choose the living room lighting. I hope to provide some help to consumers. If you want to know other related information, please pay attention to the Kingdery lighting brand information.

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