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What are the types of our common lighting?
Addtime: 2021-11-30

When decorating, many families will choose suitable decoration style lighting for decoration and matching. With more and more people’s needs, what types of lighting are common to us? Next, let’s learn about it with the staff of the lighting store.

1. Chandelier

Chandeliers are more suitable for living room decoration. There are many kinds of chandelier, which are generally used for crystal chandelier, parchment chandelier, fashionable chandelier, European chandelier, modern chandelier, new Chinese chandelier, etc.


2. Ceiling light

Ceiling lamps are also a common one for us. There are also many types of ceiling lamps, such as semi-flat ceiling lamps, small rectangular shade ceiling lamps, square shade ceiling lamps, spherical ceiling lamps, pointed oblate ceiling lamps, and semi-spherical ceiling lamps. Wait. Ceiling lights are generally suitable for lighting in kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, bedrooms, etc. The ceiling lamp can be directly installed on the ceiling or suspended ceiling, it is very easy to install, and the style is generous and simple, adding a simple and clear feeling to the space.

3. Floor lamp

Floor lamp is a kind of lighting with decorative effect. It is generally used for local lighting. Compared with the above two kinds of lighting, it is softer and can create a corner atmosphere very well. The lighting method of the floor lamp is mostly direct downward projection, which is suitable for reading or activities that require concentration, and it is convenient to adjust the change of light.

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