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Ways to install ceiling lights at home

As the heat of home decoration continues to heat up, the changes of ceiling lamps are also changing with each passing day. It is no longer limited to the single lamp in the past. Zhongshan Yuhao Lighting Co., Ltd. is developing towards diversification. It not only absorbs the luxury and style of chandeliers, but also adopts The ceiling-mounted installation method avoids the defect that large luxury lighting cannot be installed in shorter rooms. The lamp body of the LED ceiling lamp is directly installed on the roof and is suitable for overall lighting, usually used in living rooms and bedrooms. Zhongshan Yuhao Lighting Co., Ltd. is committed to the value concept of ingenious craftsmanship and original design, and provides global consumers with high-quality home lighting products with fashion, simplicity, atmosphere and strong artistic atmosphere with high-quality services. Welcome to consult Learn about lighting franchise.

(1) When installing ceiling lamps in masonry structures, pre-embedded bolts should be used, or expansion bolts, nylon plugs or plastic plugs should be used to fix them; wooden wedges should not be used. And the bearing capacity of the above-mentioned fixing parts should match the weight of the ceiling lamp. In order to ensure that the ceiling lamp is fixed firmly and reliably, and its service life can be extended.

(2) When using expansion bolts to fix, the bolt specifications should be selected according to the technical requirements of the product, and the drilling diameter and embedment depth should be consistent with the bolt specifications.

(3) The number of bolts for fixing the lamp socket should not be less than the number of fixing holes on the base of the lamp, and the diameter of the bolts should match the aperture; lamps without fixed mounting holes on the base (drill holes during installation), each lamp is used for The number of fixed bolts or screws should not be less than 2, and the center of gravity of the lamp should be consistent with the center of gravity of the bolts or screws; only when the diameter of the insulation table is 75mm or less, one bolt or screw can be used for fixing.


(4) Ceiling lamps cannot be directly installed on flammable objects. Some families use painted three-plywood behind the ceiling lamps for aesthetics. In fact, this is very dangerous, and heat insulation measures need to be taken; if the high temperature parts of the lamp surface are close to In case of combustibles, heat insulation or heat dissipation measures should also be taken.

(5) Before installing the ceiling lamp, it should also be checked: ① The cross-section of the wire core leading to each lamp, the copper core flexible wire is not less than 0.4 square millimeters, and the copper core is not less than 0.5 square millimeters, otherwise the leads are replaced. ②The connection between the wire and the lamp holder and the connection of the parallel wire between the lamp holders should be firm, and the electrical contact should be good, so as to avoid the danger of sparks between the wire and the terminal due to poor contact.

(6) If the screw cap is used in the ceiling lamp, the following two points should be paid attention to in its wiring: ① The phase wire should be connected to the terminal of the center contact, and the neutral wire should be connected to the screw terminal; There should be no damage and leakage of the insulating casing to prevent electric shock when replacing the bulb.

(7) For ceiling lamps equipped with incandescent bulbs, the bulbs should not be close to the lampshade; the power of the bulbs should also be selected according to the technical requirements of the product, and should not be too large, so as to avoid the temperature of the bulbs being too high, and the glass cover breaking down and splashing down and hurting people .

(8) The electrical contact of the two wires connected to the power supply of the ceiling lamp should be good, and they should be wrapped with black tape respectively, and keep a certain distance. If possible, try not to put the two wires under the same piece of metal. , so as to avoid short circuit and danger.

(9) Teach children not to throw balloons and other objects at the lamps indoors, so as to prevent the decorations hanging on the lamps from falling and hurting people or affecting the decorative effect of the lamps.

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