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What are the principles for the selection of bedroom lights
Addtime: 2021-11-30


What are the principles for selecting bedroom lighting? Next, let's follow the staff of Kingdery lighting brand to find out:

1. The lighting in the bedroom should be conducive to forming a quiet and gentle atmosphere, so that people have a sense of security. Therefore, the main lighting of the bedroom is better to choose a milky white incandescent chandelier, which is installed in the center of the bedroom. Most families nowadays pursue simplicity, so simple and modern style ceiling lamps have become the mainstream choice.

2. The size of the bedroom. This is an issue that must be considered. Some cabinets or other furniture are installed with "internal lighting". From the perspective of large space, it can save space and make the room more spacious.

3. Nowadays, house design is different from traditional square and rectangular bedrooms, and special-shaped space design is often used to create special room effects. Not only that, some owners will also increase, shrink and change the area and shape of the bedroom by changing the indoor layout. Therefore, you must pay attention to the shape of the bedroom before buying a chandelier, and try to choose a chandelier that is consistent with the shape and decoration of the bedroom.

4. The choice of ceiling lamp and desk lamp: It is a good choice to adjust the brightness, even if you read a book, it will not affect the other half's rest. The material of the lampshade is soft. It is recommended to choose a lampshade that can soften the light, such as frosted glass.

The above is the selection principle of bedroom lighting that we have introduced to you. I believe everyone has a good idea. The choice of bedroom lighting is not an easy task, we need to choose carefully.

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