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Living room with different decorative light fixtures and diametrically opposed styles!!! (ONE)
Addtime: 2022-08-11

The style of the chandelier directly affects the style of the entire living room The chandelier is characterised by being striking, so the style of the chandelier directly affects the style of the entire living room. With metal decorative pieces, glass decorative pieces of European style chandeliers opulent, wooden Chinese palace lamps and Japanese Japanese lamps and lanterns rich in national flavor, with different colours of glass shades synthetic chandeliers beautiful and generous, beaded lamps and lanterns to give people a sense of excitement, dazzling, gorgeous, and with soft cloth, silk made of lampshades chandeliers clear and pleasant soft and warm.

1, shape and grade selection of living room decorative lamps and lanterns to take into account and the harmony of the living room atmosphere, but also strive for elegance, strive for luxury. The living room is the face of the family, lighting is too ordinary may not show your decorative mood and slightly shabby, too luxurious may let the visitor have too much psychological pressure, can not let go. Selection of living room decorative lamps and lanterns pointed out in the shape and grade of the main living room lighting not only can not be too dark, but also can not be harsh glare, when the living room less people, can turn off the main lighting, in addition to open a wall lamp.

2, local lighting can be used floor lamps, wall lamps, etc., the use and embellishment of the effect can reach the corresponding requirements. Watching TV and leisure reading is more suitable for buying high bar floor lamps, the method of buying living room decorative lighting points out that in terms of local lighting, watching TV and reading is recommended to turn off the overhead lights, open the floor lamps not only will not be harsh, but also make the environment more peaceful and elegant.

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