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Living room with different decorative light fixtures and diametrically opposed styles!!! (TWO)
Addtime: 2022-08-11

The overall lighting to buy living room decorative lamps and lanterns in the overall lighting can be used overhead, usually in the middle of the house can be installed a single or multi-headed chandelier as the main light, living room decorative lamps and lanterns can create a stable and generous, warm and warm atmosphere, so that guests have returned to their homes a sense of relevance.

a. If you are used to moving around in the living room, the standing lamps and table lamps in the living room space are designed to be mainly decorative and functional. Standing lamps and table lamps are auxiliary light sources for each space, and in order to facilitate coordination with the space, lamps that are too fanciful in shape are not suitable.

b. If the room is high, it is appropriate to use three to five incandescent chandeliers, or a larger round chandelier, which can make the living room look opulent. However, it is not appropriate to use all downward light distribution of the chandelier, but should make the upper space also have a certain brightness, in order to reduce the difference between the brightness of the upper and lower space.

c. If the room is low, available ceiling lamps plus floor lamps, so that the living room will look bright and generous, with a sense of civilized language, floor lamps with the sofa next to the side of the sofa and then on the side of the coffee table with decorative craft table lamps, or near the wall to place a lower wall lamp, so that not only reading a book with local lighting, but also in the conversation with guests added a cordial and harmonious atmosphere.

The bright, comfortable light helps to make the atmosphere more pleasant when you are together, lightens the eyes when you are relaxing, and meets other needs in different situations and at different times of the day. Therefore, there is a certain amount of skill in choosing the lighting for your living room.

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